MITM Creation Call #14


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Jessica is back in action and boy did I miss her.

On today’s call I talk about synergy and the joy and power of not “going it alone.”  I don’t know about you, but lone-rangering for me often equals lonely failure eventually.  I also recap what I learned in my conversation with a life coach about what it takes to become a life coach.   Long and short of that – Life coaching may be a future vision for me, but I believe my fiscal constraints eliminate it as a now option for me.

Jessica shares about her trip to San Francisco where she realized that sometimes being committed to something does not mean that you are the one to make a difference in that area.  As a result of that realization she had discovered that the area she really wants to make a difference in is addiction.  She also shares about finishing The Catcher in the Rye and a book about natural child-birth.

If you want to hear more – check out the link above, and let us know what you are committed to getting done TODAY!

Ohhh and this is the video I was talking about with the men simulating labor pain.  Check it out!  It is hilarious.


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