About Perks Media:

In a desire to provide a platform for our own creative endeavors, Perks Media LLC was born out of a passion for writing and sharing original and curated content. Perks Media is currently the home of Plaa [party like an adult], Perks Media Muse & The SOFT Report.

Plaa [party like an adult]

A multi-media online venue to explore the playful side of being a grown-up along with commentary and discussions about Adulting in this day and age- careers, relationships, travel, children, creativity and much more. You will never drink alone when you join the Plaa team for one of their Live Tasting Room Events at our Youtube channel.

Perks Media Muse | publishing | editing | consulting

Through Kindle Direct Perks Media Muse publishes original content and aims to provide a platform and support for new writers that might not no how to begin. Our current projects include The End. a collection of real life stories and the lessons learned about all of life’s endings- deaths, divorces, job changes, and relationship transitions. Please click the link to find out how to submit your End Story for the project.  Also, a collection of original poetry, Girl&Muse will be published late December 2018.
Look forward to learning about Perks Media Muse’s submission process and our other services in early 2019 for writers and creatives seeking support for bringing their projects to print.

The SOFT Report

The SOFT Report was created to bring conversations about Service, Orgasm, Faith and Transformation to light. It’s the passion project of Melissa Zeligman out of her desire to share, learn and explore these subjects and how they intersect aspects of our lives. Topics like sex and religion have long been relegated to quiet conversations in private hushed tones. The SOFT Report will provide original and curated content for a weekly digital newsletter and podcast. Learn more about The SOFT Report story here.