Stream of income #1 – Kasita Jewelry


Hello friends, family, fellow entrepreneurs, desk jockeys and earthlings!

It just occurred to me that I had this momentous occasion that I never really shared with you.  I make jewelry in my humble little abode.  And a couple of weeks ago after a year of making and breaking promises about selling my designs at my local coffee shop I womaned up and had “the talk” with them.  Guess what – they said that they would love to have me sell my jewels consignment at their shop.

Above you will see me cheezing soooooo hard about after mounting my shadow box of dreams on the wall of my local Twigg’s Coffee Shop.  Income stream #1 established.  This photo was a year in the making and I am so happy that I asked someone to capture it for me.  Carrying my jewelry into the shop was such a rush.  I know that in the grand scheme of things this may seem like a small deal, but I think it is so crucial to capture the little victories along the journey.  John Dumas, this is one of my I made it moments:)  What this moment means represents to me is having the courage to turn my dreams into a reality that I share with the world.

What’s really cool – I HAVE SOLD SOME STUFF!  I think that this week I will add a cash/revenue counter to my about me page so you can see how my financial progress is going.  Talk about a whole new level of accountability and transparency.  Would you guys like that?

If you would like to buy some of my jewelry, support me, like me or just see more of my designs, please check out the following links.

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