Niche Site Duel 2.0 Mastermind Submission

SPIOK FOLKS!  I submitted my “application,” so to speak, for the Niche Site Duel 2.0 Mastermind Learning Group.  Jessica has talked about it before, but the NSD2.0 is a niche site SEO contest that Pat Flynn of Smart Passive Income is putting on starting now-ish that I have entered and am really excited about.  Now I am trusting you not to steal all my good ideas and undermine my success,  okay?  Below is my letter/application to Pat.

Pat,Pat Flynn
You ROCK!  Thanks for the opportunity.  I know you have limited time so I will cut to the chase.
1. What is the target keyword you selected and why did you choose it?
Paleo is the target keyword I selected.  I chose it for a couple of reasons 1) I eat paleo and LOVE it.  It is surprisingly easy and makes me feel great!  2) I already know a decent amount about it and would love to learn more.  3) It has a tribe mentality.  I have friends who all eat paleo and they are fanatical about it.  3) The online community and resources are a little shabby.  I mean these are people who like to workout by throwing bags of sand around and make gluten free, dairy free bacon cupcakes for fun not surf the web and work on the optimization of their websites, so I see opportunity.
2. Why do you REALLY want to become a part of the Mastermind Learning Group?
I quit my job and am nearing independence (my last day is 27Jun) and I am never going back to working for the man.  I am really committed to being an entrepreneur, not someone with a HUGE JOB, but someone with a business they work on that serves the world and one of the ways I am going to make that happen is through online affiliate sales.
Also, I have been trying to complete a Niche site selling an affiliate product using Google Sniper 2.0, but what is missing in that program is interaction.  I love to talk with people be it online, on the phone or in person, to share what is going on with me and support them.  I think it would be fun to be part of the MLG.  To have the opportunity to get to know 5 ppl who are up to the same thing I am, have group accountability, to feel part of a team and go big on my Paleo site!
3. What is your favorite childhood memory, and why?
I grew up in Delaware in suburbia and my across-the-street-best-friend lived duh duh duh – across the street.  One night not so different from all the others we shot a music video montage in her back yard around the pool.  I have these vivid memories of the two of us dressed up on these awesome early 90s style prom dresses, singing Madonna’s This used to be my playground .  We had her dad shoot the video and we did takes at the pool, dangling our feed in the water, up in her tree house, on the swing set and all of them were so wonderfully melodramatic.  I love thinking back on those times because there was no doubt in my mind I was going to be Madonna’s peer.  There wasn’t a question in my mind and we were so creative and free.
4. You and me end up sitting next to each other on a 3-hour bus ride somewhere. I’m a great listener. Besides anything business or blogging related, what could you talk to me about for the entire ride?
How miraculous and fascinating people are; and the shift in consciousness from self to community that is taking place right now.
5. What’s an interesting habit you have?
Talking to strangers.  I cant help myself.  If strangers are around I am going to talk to them.

Have a great day,
Soon you’re  going to be checking out my sweet Bank Roll  because my niche site kicks!

Keep Going!

It’s possible I have made other videos with this same headline and it doesn’t matter, because all of them are valuable.

You know those moments of doubt, regret, confusion, loneliness, isolation? Well I do. Here I capture mine and talk it out with guess who?


MITM Daily Creation Call #16


Click to listen to Daily Creation Call #16

Fellow Moguls in the making Jess and I have changed the structure of our daily creation calls a bit.  We wanted you to be able to rely on a set format and plan accordingly so our new format is:

  1. Create our possibility for the day
  2. Review status of previously stated actions
  3. Create new actions
  4. Switch person and repeat 1-3 (I anticipate each person taking about 7 minutes)
  5. Free flow about what we are learning  (about 10 Minutes)
  6. COMING IN JULY – 5 minutes of Q&A with Jess and I.  In July we will open up the lines for the last 5 minutes of our call for some Q&A, so that you have an opportunity to bring your question, concern, comments and/or observations on your journey or ours to the daily creation calls.

Let us know what you think of the new format.  Our hope is that these calls are of value to you as well as us.  And don’t worry you won’t hurt our feelings with constructive criticism.  I LOVE these calls and we would do them with or without listeners;)  LOVE YOU GUYS!


Jessica: Is the possibility of being PEACEFUL.  Jessica didn’t get her weekend goals accomplished; however, she did completely clean her desk, blog, and START HER E-BOOK: How to quit anything and stay that way!

She promises to do the following for tomorrow:

  1. Get this weeks lessons from Blog School
  2. Do an hour of Blog School
  3. Work on her E-book
  4. Go to LegalZoom and find out what we need to become an LLC

Katie:  I am the possibility of LOVE and PLAY.  I did not do what I said I was going to do this weekend either; however, I cleaned my house, reconnected with friends, SCHEDULED OUR INTERVIEW WITH JOHN DUMAS!!!, hired someone on for the first time, started to set-up an affiliate store online.

I promise to do the following by tomorrow:

  1. Create show notes for this creation call
  2. Create a Mogul in the Making YouTube account
  3. Record a YouTube video
  4. Spend 1 hour creating my online store

Other random talking points are: types of businesses, Katie’s mounting obsession with John Dumas, actually getting things done, the impermanence of words, sober living homes, YouTube, The Landmark Forum, Jerry Springer, and sooooo much more!  You have to listen to these calls they are really GREAT!

keep-away-from-those-who-try-to-belittle-your-ambitions – Mark Twain

Love you guys,


MITM Creation Call #10


Daily Creation Call #10

Spend you morning with Jess and I as she shares about her action plan aligning with her long term mogul goals, chatting with property investors, vacationing while pregnant and moving toward a goal of entrepreneurship.

I discuss the importance of sleep, planning my time to work with me and not against me, David Wood stealing my daydream, getting real with my dad, abundance and business cards.

Check it out and leave a comment.  LOVE YOU GUYS!



What are you resisting?

what-you-resist-persists-e2809d-carl-jungIt’s 9Am and I have been falling asleep since the moment I got to work.  I am not talking about being tired.  I am talking about pinching your inner thighs, putting toothpicks in your eyelids as stint, scouring the office for energy pills and frequent trips to the bathroom just trying to stay awake here.  I’M DESPERATE and STRUGGLING.  It feels like all I can do to just stay awake and not get caught falling asleep.

I send Jessica a text.  “Dude!  I am literally falling asleep at my desk – sooooo not good.  AND I even got sufficient sleep last night.”  Expecting words of encouragement and comfort I stare at my phone.  The magical iPhone ellipsis appears.  I wait.

“What are you resisting?”

What the heck?  That is not the encouragement or tip that I needed.  I think ‘What kind of friend is she?  Really, Who says that?’ as I lock my phone in my desk drawer.  I will show her!

But the ‘What are you resisting?’ cannot be undone.  The words echo as they bounce around in my mind.  What am I resisting?  Clearly it has a direct correlation to this thing called my day job, because I was feeling fine before I arrived at my desk and in my seat in front of these meeting minutes, but I don’t feel like I am resisting.  It isn’t a conscious choice I made.  I mean I would never CHOOSE to spend the whole day angry at work, counting the moments until freedom and struggling to stay awake, but what if I did make that choice?  What if I do choose suffering over just getting it done?  Hmmmm… I don’t like this line of self-inquiry.

I would like to say that at that moment I stopped resisting my daily tasking.  Stopped telling myself how pointless it was and how much it didn’t matter to anyone, but that would be a lie :).  I spent all day suffering and being angry about my resistance, but when I got home that night I allowed myself to be impacted by that resistance and the toll that it takes on my productivity, experience of work and my life (because as you may have guessed, it doesn’t just show up at work).  After marinading on it for a little I am choosing to give my resistance up.  I am a powerhouse and I power through thing!  How do you like me now Jess? 😉

Time to fess up folks: WHAT ARE YOU RESISTING?  Let us know in the comments below.