MITM Creation Call #11



Daily Creation Call #11

Empower half hour with Jess and I.  During this show Jessica discusses her freaked-out, I-hate-the-world panic and the subsequent AHA! moment she had.  Her upcoming weekend trip and the value of listening to her husbands advice.  It turns out he really has been listening to what she has been saying.  Good work Tom;)

I discuss the value of sharing your dreams with the people in your life, the collaboration that is possible when you tell people what you are up to, the book The Power by Rhonda Byrne and the law of attraction.  I also do a little rap/singing.  Don’t worry about showering me with praise, I know I am a talented lyricist!

I am so pumped about this extraordinary life that we get to live.  Thank you for being on this journey of self discovery with us.  I will never shut-up about how much I love you, because I am not sure you will ever REALLY get how much it means that I get to be part of this blog and your life.

MITM Creation Call #10


Daily Creation Call #10

Spend you morning with Jess and I as she shares about her action plan aligning with her long term mogul goals, chatting with property investors, vacationing while pregnant and moving toward a goal of entrepreneurship.

I discuss the importance of sleep, planning my time to work with me and not against me, David Wood stealing my daydream, getting real with my dad, abundance and business cards.

Check it out and leave a comment.  LOVE YOU GUYS!



MITM Creation Call #7


MITM Daily Creation Call #7

Cheers to it almost being the freakin’ weekend.  I’ll take action to that yay-yayyy!  I am really cheezy late at night, early in the morning and all the times in between.  You will have to forgive my bad mash-up of Rihanna. 🙂  So what have you accomplished this week?  What are you out to accomplish this weekend?  What is going on in your life?  Join Jessica and I as we create the day.  Then let us know what you are up to in the comments section below.

I really do love you, you know.  Happy ever-lovin’-friday-y’all!


MITM Creation Call #6


MITM Daily Creation Call #6

Join Jessica and I, the two, the only, the chosen – Moguls in the Making as we create the day.  What are we doing today?  What is the possibility that I am creating for myself?  More importantly what are you creating for yourself?  What action are you taking?  And why are you always listening to my early morning phone conversations?!?  Don’t you know that is just CREEPY!

Just kidding – Happy thirsty Thursday all!  Don’t hit happy hour too hard – we have work to do;)


Practical Reality Check with Katie

Do you ever have those days when you feel like you are regressing? When despite all that you KNOW you have overcome you just don’t think that you are making any progress? Well I invite you to STOP IT!

Stop thinking about it. Stop judging and assessing how you are doing. Stop looking to how your thoughts and feelings for answers. And check in with something much more accurate – reality.

The people in our lives have a much more objective opinion of our progress. They are with us through the ups and downs and they know what is going on in your life and what you have accomplished, but they don’t have that little voice that is inside of your head skewing their view of your progress. I invite you to stop trying to figure it out and check in with them.

Ask them if you have been covering ground and making progress? Ask them if they have seen a change in who you are being from day to day? Ask them specifics about something you are concerned about – do I seem like I have gained some facility around decision making?

I guarantee you will be surprised by how generous, loving and really accurate their responses are. Do this exercise and then share in the comments below what your friends and family said:)

MITM’s First Podcast


MITM’s First Podcast:

All right mogulers.  Get ready to be to be wowed by Jess and my first podcast.  Ok – so it may not be that exciting or at least the first 7.5 minutes of me trying to figure out technology aren’t, but what a great experience.  And call me crazy, but I love listening to these recordings of us.  I think that in a couple of months when we look back and our lives are radically different, it is going to be so much fun to listen to and look at our humble beginnings:)

Please enjoy our podcast.  Please follow our podcast.  Please let me know what you think of this awesome image / podcast cover I made today.  BTW – if you think that it is terrible you can let me know that too.  Please join us on our journey.  Let’s have this be an interactive adventure!

Ok that’s it for today.  Nighty night folks.