MITM Creation Call #13


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Jessica has a sinus infection so its all me, all creation call!  During this call I share the joy of figuring out how to get our MITM daily creation calls uploaded to iTunes podcasts.  Yes, soon you will be able to subscribe to Mogul in the  Making through the podcasts app on your smart phone.  HOW COOL IS THAT!

I also discuss the power of language.  Our world is created in language and the tiniest shifts in what we say make the hugest difference.  One word really does make a difference, in what you say to others and really what you say to yourself.

Are you keeping your promises?  I haven’t been.  The good news is – I have not been a bad person about it.  On this call I distinguish the difference between and the impact of having breaking promises = I’m a bad person.  A word of wisdom here.  To live an extraordinary life you have to make promises you don’t know how to keep.  It is just the nature of being extraordinary.  And if you are making big promises that you don’t know how to keep – you are going to break them at times.  If you can learn from that mistake and use it as a platform to learn from, you are a genius.

Next time you hear the words “I failed” or “I’m such a failure” come out of your mouth I want you to:

  1. STOP
  2. Let that go!
  3. Say “Thank you for teaching me all that I need to succeed.” to the Universe.
  4. Tell yourself, “I am always succeeding or learning.  That was a powerful lesson.  Looks like I am one step closer to keeping my promise.”

Thank you guys for following.  Let me know the last time you learned something new, or what you are getting our of tuning in.  LOVE YOU!