Investing in yourself first

I was listening to Entrepreneur on Fire the other day and David Wood was talking about investing in yourself, and he was not joking around.  You need to be investing in your most valuable resource – YOU!  

This weekend I am doing exactly that.  I am investing in myself, in that lump of pink grey mass that sits between my ears:)  Nice visual isn’t it!

This weekend I am spending 3 days with Lisa Nichols and her Motivating the Masses support team at their annual conference Speak and Write to Make Millions.  And let me tell you this event is nothing shy of great.  The way I ended up at the conference was magical, the timing of the conference was perfect and the value its providing is priceless.

SpeakWriteAbout 4-5 months ago I was volunteering at an event.  I had been feeling somewhat uninspired in my day job and thinking about how I could make a bigger impact on the day-to-day.  I am watching people share when this amazingly eloquent lady steps to the microphone and starts talking in her sultry voice about how blessed she is to work with such a wonderful cast of people and have a life where she reaches and motivates thousands.  I was interested.  I wouldn’t normally go up and talk to her, but I had this feeling inside of me, like it was a line of demarcation or something.  It was an opportunity to either walk toward my destiny or shrink away from it, and I chose the former.  In what felt like a really bold move, I introduced myself to her and said that I would love to chat sometime if she was open to it.  

2 weeks later we had a phone call.  I asked her questions about her life, job and journey; and she offered a ticket to Speak and Write.  As the event neared, with this new promise to leaving the day job and becoming an entrepreneur, I reached out to her and voila – I received a hugely discounted ticket in;-)  Connections make the world go round.

Fast forward to today, day 1 of the conference   We covered a lot of ground and it is late so I can’t share it all with you, but I can tell you some of the key take aways or golden nuggets.

  • The self-development industry is a $210B industry – HOLY HECK get in on this pie
  • Your potential customer’s lack of resources does not determine your value!
  • When you are truly connected to your audience you check in with them and see if their needs are being met.
  • Convictions and convenience do not live in the same sentence.  Are you willing to give for your dreams?
  • A book is simply an expensive business card.  But it can be very valuable for brand leveraging.
  • Hire people who are going to lead, not follow.
  • Pyrrhic victory is when the cost of the victory outweighs the victory itself – watch out for this.
  • Your Unique Selling Proposition (USP) allows you to determine who you to craft your core message, because it captures who you are and what you stand for.
  • When you talk to people and network lead with the benefit or result that you provide and what you need, vice what you do.  

Please leave a comment and let me know: What are you doing to invest in yourself?  What have you found that is really valuable?



MITM Creation Call #11



Daily Creation Call #11

Empower half hour with Jess and I.  During this show Jessica discusses her freaked-out, I-hate-the-world panic and the subsequent AHA! moment she had.  Her upcoming weekend trip and the value of listening to her husbands advice.  It turns out he really has been listening to what she has been saying.  Good work Tom;)

I discuss the value of sharing your dreams with the people in your life, the collaboration that is possible when you tell people what you are up to, the book The Power by Rhonda Byrne and the law of attraction.  I also do a little rap/singing.  Don’t worry about showering me with praise, I know I am a talented lyricist!

I am so pumped about this extraordinary life that we get to live.  Thank you for being on this journey of self discovery with us.  I will never shut-up about how much I love you, because I am not sure you will ever REALLY get how much it means that I get to be part of this blog and your life.

Stream of income #1 – Kasita Jewelry


Hello friends, family, fellow entrepreneurs, desk jockeys and earthlings!

It just occurred to me that I had this momentous occasion that I never really shared with you.  I make jewelry in my humble little abode.  And a couple of weeks ago after a year of making and breaking promises about selling my designs at my local coffee shop I womaned up and had “the talk” with them.  Guess what – they said that they would love to have me sell my jewels consignment at their shop.

Above you will see me cheezing soooooo hard about after mounting my shadow box of dreams on the wall of my local Twigg’s Coffee Shop.  Income stream #1 established.  This photo was a year in the making and I am so happy that I asked someone to capture it for me.  Carrying my jewelry into the shop was such a rush.  I know that in the grand scheme of things this may seem like a small deal, but I think it is so crucial to capture the little victories along the journey.  John Dumas, this is one of my I made it moments:)  What this moment means represents to me is having the courage to turn my dreams into a reality that I share with the world.

What’s really cool – I HAVE SOLD SOME STUFF!  I think that this week I will add a cash/revenue counter to my about me page so you can see how my financial progress is going.  Talk about a whole new level of accountability and transparency.  Would you guys like that?

If you would like to buy some of my jewelry, support me, like me or just see more of my designs, please check out the following links.

Kasita Jewelry Etsy Shop

Kasita Jewelry Facebook Page

MITM Creation Call #7


MITM Daily Creation Call #7

Cheers to it almost being the freakin’ weekend.  I’ll take action to that yay-yayyy!  I am really cheezy late at night, early in the morning and all the times in between.  You will have to forgive my bad mash-up of Rihanna. 🙂  So what have you accomplished this week?  What are you out to accomplish this weekend?  What is going on in your life?  Join Jessica and I as we create the day.  Then let us know what you are up to in the comments section below.

I really do love you, you know.  Happy ever-lovin’-friday-y’all!


MITM Creation Call #6


MITM Daily Creation Call #6

Join Jessica and I, the two, the only, the chosen – Moguls in the Making as we create the day.  What are we doing today?  What is the possibility that I am creating for myself?  More importantly what are you creating for yourself?  What action are you taking?  And why are you always listening to my early morning phone conversations?!?  Don’t you know that is just CREEPY!

Just kidding – Happy thirsty Thursday all!  Don’t hit happy hour too hard – we have work to do;)


I’m not going to make it

I said that I was going to get a couple of things done this weekend, ie photo shoot, eat Paleo, order business cards and get my Google Sniper site up and running.  I did all of that except for the Google Sniper site, and I wanted to let you know now that I am not getting that done.  I would like to think that I am going to and its not going to work out.

I am a huge fan of calling a spade a spade.  I mean any marketing class that you attend will let you know that if you are not going to do something, you are breaking a promise to the public – go ugly early and let them know up front what the problems are or what the truth is.  Now I know that you are not my consumer base and I didn’t sell you faulty Asprin.  But I do think that you deserve that same respect/honor, or how else will we grow this beautiful fledgling relationship into the full-on partnership that I am planning for.

The cool thing about coming to grips with and admitting what is so, is that now I can:

  1. Look at what didn’t work  that had me not reach my goal
  2. Look at the impact of not doing what I said I would do (if this were a time sensitive activity it could really have an impact – lost contract opportunity missed equipment delivery date, etc)
  3. Make a new promise that can be trusted because I let you know ASAP that I was not going to be able to do what I said I would when I said I would (credibility)
  4. Put a plan in place that will support me in my new promise, building off of and avoiding what go in the way of me accomplishing the last promise

That said, my new promise is that I am going to pick a product to sell and what key word I am going to build my website around by Tuesday morning.  And to support me in doing that I have blocked 3 hours.

Now it’s time for nighty night.  Love you guys!  Let me know what you are re-promising to do that you previously promised to yourself or someone else in the comments below.